Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please don't touch my dog.

I was recently reminded of a show my Yogi and I attended in Canada. (see pic of Yogi). An Old English Sheepdog takes a lot of precise grooming before entering the show ring. Every hair in place. A young boy and his mom came by us with Yogi on the grooming table. He came straight over, hand out to touch that mound of full, cottony hair.
I asked him to note touch him and why. I promised after showing he could hug and pet him all he wanted. But after he won that class the boy was ringside for his promised hug. However we had to go back in the ring for Best of Breed so no touch yet.
He won that at had to go directly into the Herding Group which he won. Again the young boy was ringside patiently waiting. I asked his mom if they could stay just a bit more and she said sure, her son would not be happy until he could put his arms around Yogi.
Yogi won the group and had to go right into the ring for the final judging that day, the Best in Show ring. He won Best in Show and was whisked away for pictures.
After pictures the boy was there and was allowed to hug and pet Yogi and I think Yogi was ready for a hug from a little boy himself. I sent them home with one of Yogi's ribbons and a promise for a copy of a picture to be mailed later.