Monday, December 29, 2008

Bezerk Chipmunk

I was nearly asleep when Joe crashed into the bedroom door. Normally he is a well behaved and quiet dog, particularly at night when we all settle down. I shooed him out and Warren said we had a Chipmunk in the house...streaking to the pantry, climbing clothes to the top shelf in the closet, down the hall and back again so fast Joe had trouble keeping up with him. Just then I heard a slight noise under the sewing machine in the bedroom. I yelled for Joe who tore in the bedroom and froze on the corner from where I heard the rustle. He stood like a pointer, barely breathing. Warren had opened the door in the living room. Joe routed him out and like a tiny rocket the chipmunk scooted down the hall and out the door. Don't ask. I haven't a clue.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rabbit food, mailbox covers, jars of hot sauce and ladies clothes with a western flair.

All of this and more at the Mountain Valley Country Store where Glenda Beall and I sold our books yesterday. She with her story in A Cup of Comfort for Horses and me with my book, My Dogs and My Friends. It was interesting how many people there for this Christmas extravaganza seemed to love all animals. Glenda and I spent the afternoon talking with customers listening to stories of their own animals. About 4:00 the party with music and food started. Unfortunately the music was so loud we could no longer talk with others and it was time to go home. A fun afternoon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Jazzy is the puppy in my book, My Dogs, My Friends, that went to a family in Connetticut. Her story is One Small Puppy. She couldn't have a better home, they love her dearly, but her litter will be our last as it is so sad when they leave us. We will always have at least one dog. Her mom, Fanci and brother, Joe are here at home with us.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Everything Old is New Again

My New Year's Resolution! I am going through some of my older essays and fiction pieces and reworking them maybe coming up with a short story or a novella.
I tend to write too short so this will be a good exercise. I've had this little fictional story rattling around in my head for several years. It will most likely appeal to young teens as many girls at that age want a horse passionately.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Special Christmas

Our daughter, Kathy, will be here with us for Christmas. This will be hard for her as it is the first Christmas without her husband. He died Dec. 1 2008. We plan to visit the horse farm in the country where Equine Second Chance cares for approximately 60 horses. They have been mistreated horses or their owners can no longer care for them. We will take along a couple bags of carrots and, of course, a donation.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dogs from all corners of the world

I judged in Maryland last weekend. lst to that bulldog I liked last month. She keeps getting better. Second to Tibetan Terrier - tough little dogs. Third to a Keeshond, my once breed and fourth to a Sheba Inu the breed from Japan. I always love to be in the company of well-bred, quality dogs, some better than others, of course. We had Keeshond for twenty years. They are so sweet. This dog was heavily coated, ready for cold weather.
Wishing everyone a lovely T-giving. We must all remember and giver thanks for what we have. We are still the greatest country in the world. Save room for pie.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Acceptance of my story Yogi.

A new and impressive online magazine for dog show enthusiast(ezine) has just accepted my story about my cinderella dog, Yogi that appeard in my book. Ezines are fast becoming the choice for circulating magazines. Nothing to throw out after reading therefore not in the landfill.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bones in the water pail.

Sorry, wrong title for previous post. This is for bones in the water pail. Fanci and Joe drink their water from a pail on the carport. When Warren gives them knuckle bones to chew (their teeth are beautifully white). They chew for a while and when they need a drink take their bone to the water pail, drop it into the pail so they can drink. However, they are not Labs and they don't retrieve them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Lovely Bulldog

When I wrote my daughter about the show I judged last weekend, I told her I judged a champion bulldog bitch with profound quality. As I watched her gait away from me and back I said to my self, Honey, unless something else comes in my ring today that knocks my socks off, you're are my number one in the non-sporting group. I judged that group and she was my number one no question. She then went on to win best in show over 1200 dogs and with a different judge. Kathy replied, only a true dog lover would describe her as a "lovely" bulldog.

More from Chancey the Cat

At last all the heavy machinery is off from his hind leg. The pins are still in and I think will always be, but he has resigned himself to his pen where he must be to keep him quiet. This once feral cat is indeed lucky he came into the path of daughter. By the way, it is illegal to feed a feral cat in Florida. Oh well, so much for laws that would have her watch the cat die of starvation before her eyes. In the future, however, she says she will trap them and take them to the shelter where they will be put down. It's better than for them to starve, spread disease and continue to multiply.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Book to Keep you Up Nights

Serena by Ron Rash is that kind of book. Serena is a cunning, scheming woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. The momementem builds through the story and crashes under its possibilities for ending. Make your own endings and see how close you come to the true ending. Don 't cheat. No reading the ending first.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Daughter's Cat, Chancey

Chancy, an indoor cat, had a terrible mangled leg from we don't know what. Vet said they don't see anything that bad except for a cat hit by a car. With high tech they put pins in his leg and a heavy bandage. Chancey was a feral cat that she tamed and now he is her baby...a very loving cat. She has no children and her husband died the first of the year. Of course Chancy doesn't like the bandage and except for when he is made asleep with pain med, chews at it. This is all so stressful for Kathy. I know all you dog lovers would feel as she does if he was your dog and I ask that you keep her in your thoughts for the next many weeks it will take to heal his leg, if that can even happen.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The prose part of my blog.

I will conduct and one day workshop on the nuts and bolts of good writing to catch an editor's eye. It will be held on September 20 at Tri-County Community College Murphy 9:00 - 4:00pm. Beginners or experienced writers welcome. Call 835-4313 to reserve a spot or call me at 828-837-6007 for information. Bring your lunch. Shirley Uphouse

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Equine Second Chance

Heritage Day yesterday was fantastic. Crafts, music ,food. We set up under the big trees along the river. I met the above group that had ponies and horses to give the children rides. When I was a teen I nearly lived on horseback. Rode 2 miles to my friends then we went out to ride for 4-5 hours. Yesderday I met the above group. They take abused horses or horses owners can not care for anymore. I met Chief, a pretty paint with a sweet disposition. He tangled in barbed wire and hundreds of dollars was needed to repair him. Owners turned him in because they couldn't afford vet bills. Second Chance has 60 horses. I plan to visit them soon as they are not far from home. I may, even tho it's been 20 years since I sat on a horse, go on a trail ride with them. My passion for dogs equals that for horses.

I am pleased that my donation of a few of my books, helped a Keeshond (national dog of Holland)rescue group to raise money for much the same purpose as Second Chance. We owned Keeshond for nearly 20 years.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Book Signing Valley River Humane Shelter

My book, My Dogs, My Friends has been well received. I will be signing my book on Septemeber 15 at the shelter's thrift shop. A portion from the sale of books will go to the shelter. This is a special day as all winter clothing will be on sale. I hope to see you all there.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Show Ring Handling Graduates

Monday night was our last class for my students to handle their dogs in the show ring. I saw great improvement and confidence in the five of them. Little Sandy, a mini long haired dacshund who shied away from all of us giants, on his fifth night he boldly trotted right up to me, the judge. The clumber party, three of them, could not be sweeter. I'd never been close to this breed before and I was pleased to have the opportunity to learn more about them. Warren said that years ago he had hunted over Clumbers. Lynne's flat coat, a happy teen shows no hesitation in the ring. Andi's standard poodle puppy showed everyone what it means to be "poodly"...spirited yet mannerly. I wish them much success in the upcoming shows.