Sunday, August 31, 2008

Equine Second Chance

Heritage Day yesterday was fantastic. Crafts, music ,food. We set up under the big trees along the river. I met the above group that had ponies and horses to give the children rides. When I was a teen I nearly lived on horseback. Rode 2 miles to my friends then we went out to ride for 4-5 hours. Yesderday I met the above group. They take abused horses or horses owners can not care for anymore. I met Chief, a pretty paint with a sweet disposition. He tangled in barbed wire and hundreds of dollars was needed to repair him. Owners turned him in because they couldn't afford vet bills. Second Chance has 60 horses. I plan to visit them soon as they are not far from home. I may, even tho it's been 20 years since I sat on a horse, go on a trail ride with them. My passion for dogs equals that for horses.

I am pleased that my donation of a few of my books, helped a Keeshond (national dog of Holland)rescue group to raise money for much the same purpose as Second Chance. We owned Keeshond for nearly 20 years.


Glenda said...

As you know, I love horses and rode all my life until a few years ago. My story in Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers, An Angel Called Amos, is a true story.
One of the writers in this book began a project that all proceeds from the sale of the book was to go to a horse rescue group up north where she lived. I admire anyone who takes in a damaged horse and saves its life. I kept my mare, Pretty Thing, even after she was far too old to ride, 32 years old, but had to put her down when she could no longer keep her food down. Sad, sad day, but I was happy I never had to sell her.

Puppies & Prose said...

Yes, Glenda I knew you like horses too. Warren is a horse fan and we'll plan to go out to this horse farm to visit them one day. BTW I never get that Cup of Comfort book :)