Friday, October 3, 2008

My Daughter's Cat, Chancey

Chancy, an indoor cat, had a terrible mangled leg from we don't know what. Vet said they don't see anything that bad except for a cat hit by a car. With high tech they put pins in his leg and a heavy bandage. Chancey was a feral cat that she tamed and now he is her baby...a very loving cat. She has no children and her husband died the first of the year. Of course Chancy doesn't like the bandage and except for when he is made asleep with pain med, chews at it. This is all so stressful for Kathy. I know all you dog lovers would feel as she does if he was your dog and I ask that you keep her in your thoughts for the next many weeks it will take to heal his leg, if that can even happen.


glenda said...

I am so sorry for kathy's cat, Chancey. But I feel sure he will heal. When we lived on the farm in south GA, we had a lovely little cat named Queenie. She loved to hunt and one day came home with her right front leg dangling by the skin. Our vet said she had been shot, but he was able to attach the leg and, although Queenie had never used a litter box, even with her bandaged leg, she soon accomplished that feat and healed perfectly. She lived a long life with us. I'm sure Chancey will heal also.

Anonymous said...

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