Monday, October 27, 2008

A Lovely Bulldog

When I wrote my daughter about the show I judged last weekend, I told her I judged a champion bulldog bitch with profound quality. As I watched her gait away from me and back I said to my self, Honey, unless something else comes in my ring today that knocks my socks off, you're are my number one in the non-sporting group. I judged that group and she was my number one no question. She then went on to win best in show over 1200 dogs and with a different judge. Kathy replied, only a true dog lover would describe her as a "lovely" bulldog.


Glenda said...

Wish you had a photo of that lovely bulldog. My sister would also describe a bulldog that way. She had one for many years and thought he was beautiful.

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Shirley, I enjoy your blog. I remember the day you came to meet Sasha and you gave me a clicker. I still use it at times. Sasha knows it is special. She does not even care for the treat, just the click and "Good Girl", "Good Hello," or whatever good thing she has done. Yes, believe it or not, she says, "Hello" when she sees me for the first time or when I've been away and come back home. I cannot bribe her to say it any any other time. She knows what "Hello" means. But, thanks to you, Sasha does not seem to have to hug everyone anymore when they first arrive

Nancy Simpson

Puppies & Prose said...

Sometimes exhibitors send pictures to judges who have given them a good win. Hope she sends me one and I'll pass it along.