Friday, February 13, 2009

Westminster Kennel Club

Thank you Glenda and Brenda Kay for your comments. The Best in Show was probably a shock to many in the dog show public. This dog, a 10 year old dog, a Sussex Spaniel, is so rare that I rarely see t hem at a show. And it is the first time one has won the show. The entry of 2500 was packed with top dogs in many breeds with big bucks to compaign them, sometimes entered at a Saturday show on the west coast and Sunday on the East coast because the judges may be more favorable for a big win. Because I judge Poodles, every year at Westminster week, I am invited, as is every judge in the country who judges Poodles, with an embossed invitation, to a party at the Sonoffs who live in upper Manhattan. They are filthy rich. They own top winning Poodles. Of course, I never go.


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Shirley, we really enjoyed the show this year. As always, we pick our favorite and, as usual, that dog doesn't win. When I first saw the Sussex I wasn't sure I liked him, but he won our heart with his style and demeanor. It must really be exciting to be a judge, but with it comes a certain amount of pressure.

Glenda C. Beall said...

Winning the Westminster Dog Show is impressive and this dog, the Sussex Spanial, a breed I've never heard of or seen, is adorable. His face makes me think he is putting up with all this foolishness, the TV shows, etc., but really he'd just like to go home and sleep a few days.
He has character. I think that is why he was chosen.
And why don't you go up to visit the rich poodle people? Do you think they are trying to "impress the judges?"
I enjoy your blog Shirley.
Check out the horse photos on

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I enjoy your blog very much. What an honor to judge poodles. I love those dogs as well as most all animals.

Nancy Simpson said...

Shirley, Thanks for this post about the Westminister Kennel Club. I enjoyed watching the show and always enjoy reading your blog. You know so much.

Sasha has recovered from the itchy itchy. It took a change in her food, which is too expensive, but you know, if she has to have it, I will give up mine. Her food is ZD formula. Because it cost so much, when I ask the desk lady for it I whisper, Give me a bag of that GD dog food. She always laughs and says, "It's ZD."

Nugget recovered from his attack. Jeremy took the stitches out of his neck last weekend. I will never know if dogs got him or a coyote. The vet who operated on him thought a coyote. It happened months back and he is over it now.

Neither one of them ever step out the door now without pausing and turning and snifing the air in all directions. Sasha's ears stand up most of the time when she is outside now. It broke my heart. I thought I might lose Nugget. It changed them. They are not fearful. But they approach the area now with all censors turned on.